• Server Rules

    The following set of rules includes abiding by the Community Guidelines.



    The Origin of the Wilds Server Rules are to be followed throughout our entire network. If you feel any given verdict is unfair or if you have any questions or concerns, contact an adminstrator.

    Interested in helping to contribute to these rules? Apply to be a moderator here.



    1. Cheats & exploits

        1.1 Using hacked clients/illicit modifications or third party programs to gain an advantage over other players is disallowed.
        1.2 Don't abuse bugs or other glitches, you can report them here or message an administrator/developer privately.
        1.3 Allowed types of modifications include:
            Performance improvements (e.g. OptiFine.)
            Aesthetic modifications (e.g. shaders/cosmetics/gamma adjustment.)
            HUDs displaying armor/coordinates/status effects/etcetera.

    2. Inappropriate IGNs/skins

        2.2 Players with inappropriate IGNs will be banned at minimum for the duration of their name change cooldown.
        2.2 Players with inappropriate skins may be banned until they change their skin.
        2.3 Punishments may persist after the requested changes have been made.
    3. Chat policy

        3.1 Avoid excessive swearing/vulgarity, and sensitive topics.
        3.2 Don't spam, and use channels for their intended purposes.
        3.3 No advertising or promoting other services.
    4. Accounts

        4.1 Do not give out your account credentials. Any action taken on your account is your responsiblity.
        4.2 Using alternate accounts / IP addresses to evade punishments is not allowed.

  • Recent Status Updates

    • AlteOgre  »  Demographic

      Hi there,
      I registered on the day you launched the server page @ PMC. Haven't seen much additional info since and I cannot join the whitelisted server nor find an invite to your Discord.
      What's the plan?
      · 2 replies