• Forum Rules

    The following set of rules includes abiding by the Community Guidelines



    The Origin of the Wilds Forum Rules are to be followed throughout our entire website. If you feel any given verdict is unfair or if you have any questions or concerns, contact an adminstrator.

    Interested in helping to contribute to these rules? Apply to be a moderator here.



    Warning Point System

    Warning points can be given out by moderators for breaking forum rules. By default, each offense adds a single warning point to a user's account, with the exception of the reason "Other" defaulting to zero. Most punishments expire automatically. You may appeal them one week after receiving them here.


       1. Abusive Behavior - Targetting/harassment/toxicity/repeating offenses.
       2. Inappropriate Behavior - Posting in the wrong subforum/trolling/etcetera.
       3. Spamming - Making similar/unwanted posts indiscriminately.
       4. Other - For any other offenses not outlined above.

        3 points = Content moderation (posts requiring approval before being made public) for 7 days.
        6 points = Shadow ban for 7 days (you can read items, but not post at all) and then 21 days of content moderation.
        9 points = Indefinite shadow ban / content moderation.
        10+ points = Complete forum ban. 
    1. Content

        1.1 This is an English speaking community, and as such your posts must be made in English.
        1.2 Don't spam, or post malicious/targetted content.
        1.3 Blatant advertising is disallowed. Ask for approval if you are unsure about something you want to post.
        1.4 Plagiarism is disallowed, credit your sources.
        1.5 Ensure everything you post is legal, don't resell cracked accounts/scam/link to pirated content/etcetera.
    2. Posting conventions

        2.2 Respect threads which solicit specific responses (e.g. a thread asking for serious replies only.)
        2.2 Abide by specific sub-forum rules.
        2.3 Avoid necroposting.
        2.4 No backseat moderating.
    3. Accounts

        3.1 Do not give out your forum account credentials. Any action taken on your forum account is your responsiblity.
        3.2 Creating forum accounts for a guild/group is allowed, however any punishments received on alternate accounts may carry over to a user's main account.

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    • AlteOgre  »  Demographic

      Hi there,
      I registered on the day you launched the server page @ PMC. Haven't seen much additional info since and I cannot join the whitelisted server nor find an invite to your Discord.
      What's the plan?
      · 2 replies