• Community Guidelines



    Serving as the foundation of Origin of the Wilds' general rules & policies, the Community Guidelines exist to bridge the gap for the expectations of our players' behavior throughout all of our platforms. A failure to adhere to them may result in the removal from our network & and/or our other services. This page is subject to change, it's your responsibility to check periodically to remain updated.



    1. No harmful or dangerous content.

    Don't spread malware, scams, IP-loggers or any other malicious items/software.

    2. Overly graphic/violent/sexual or otherwise inappropriate media is disallowed.

    It goes without saying, but this sort of stuff doesn't belong here. If you reference graphic/violent content, ensure it's not unreasonable and that it's sent with the intent of spreading news/information.
    3. Plagiarism or impersonation in any form are forbidden.

    Do not claim ownership of content or media that isn't your own. Don't pretend to be someone you aren't, for example: don't claim to be a staff member if you're not.
    4. Respect players & their privacy.

    Revealing private information, issuing threats, stalking or any other form of harassment is prohibited.
    5. Do not advertise other servers or services.

    This is fairly self explanatory -- don't name-drop or reference other servers with the sole intention of advertising.
    6. Exploiting things or loop-holing rules is not permitted.

    Use common sense, this applies everywhere. Don't try to work around the rules, if you feel any given verdict is unfair or incorrect contact an administrator. Report any bugs/glitches you encounter, don't abuse them. If you think something might not be okay odds are that it isn't.
    7. Your account(s) are your responsibility.

    Punishments will not be lifted due to negligance on the player's behalf. Use good security practices and strong passwords; avoid sharing accounts.

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    • AlteOgre  »  Demographic

      Hi there,
      I registered on the day you launched the server page @ PMC. Haven't seen much additional info since and I cannot join the whitelisted server nor find an invite to your Discord.
      What's the plan?
      · 2 replies